[OS X TeX] Save Source As

Michael Sharpe msharpe at ucsd.edu
Thu Jan 5 17:09:14 EST 2012

On Jan 4, 2012, at 11:08 PM, Kevin Fjelsted wrote:

> WOuldn't the better approach be to use the "duplicate" option under TexShop?
> THis would be the conventional Lion approach.
> -Kevin

I have some problems with Duplicate followed by Save. First is that the folder it takes you to may be unrelated to the folder of the document you duplicated (it seems to depend on where you last saved to, even in another application.) The more serious issue is that in a number of instances, it leads to TeXShop (3.06 under 10.7.2) freezing and having to be force quit. I haven't checked this on other machines, but on mine (which is otherwise perfectly stable), I find I can provoke the freeze as follows.

1. Save a document.
2. Edit the document but don't save.
3. Select Duplicate, choosing Duplicate rather than Duplicate and Revert.
4. Save a Version.

The result of step 4 is (i) no file chooser, no save; (ii) TeXShop freeze.


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