[OS X TeX] Memoir question

Themis Matsoukas tmatsoukas at me.com
Sun Jan 8 07:39:20 EST 2012

Normally, using \ref inside \chapter, as in \chapter{Derivation of Eq.\ \ref{xyz}} works fine, except when I use \chapterstyle{thatcher}, in which case the reference appears as ??? in the chapter title but correctly in the table of contents. The chapterstyle thatcher forces capitalization of the chapter title and this seems to cause \ref{xyz}. to be read as \ref{XYZ}.  Indeed, when I labeled the equation in question in all caps, the reference appeared correctly.  I wonder then if there is a way to protect xyz in \ref{xyz} frm being capitalized. I tried the naive {\ref{xyz}} but it did not work.


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