[OS X TeX] Where Should 'Package' Files be Stored?

Charlie Ros5e ros5e at odorf.us
Tue Jan 10 15:06:57 EST 2012

Gentlefolk ....

I'm going to have to download some packages (e.g., amssymb, graphicx, cancel, latexsym, etc.). Where shall I store these files so they'll be accessible to TexShop? I've looked on the internet and various TexShop user documents, but have found nothing. A note I left for myself back in 2007 reads:

   "LaTeX will find any file in    ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex    or a subdirectory of this folder."

Is this still true?

I'm running TexShop ver. 2.43 on OS X ver. 10.6.8. If this path *is* still true, will it also be true for earlier versions of TexShop and OS X ... and which earliest versions?

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