[OS X TeX] Where Should 'Package' Files be Stored?

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Tue Jan 10 17:15:30 EST 2012

On Jan 10, 2012, at 4:03 PM, Charlie Ros5e wrote:

> Frank and Herbert .... I *thank* you. Your info caused me to stop searching for these files via Finder, but use the commercial application "Find Any File" instead. It found all those files in a long path starting with
>     /usr/local/texlive/2010/texmf-dict/tex/latex .....
> I've learned a *lot* with this little exercise!


The regular find will not look inside /usr so I always use Find Any File. More likely /usr/local/texlive/2010/texmf-dist/tex/latex/...

(i.e., texmf-dist rather than texmf-dict).

Another way to find packages is to use the command

kpsewhich package-name.sty

in Terminal. E.g.,

kpsewhich graphicx.sty



i.e., the full path to that package file.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest dot com)

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