[OS X TeX] Re: Where Should 'Package' Files be Stored?

LuKreme kremels at kreme.com
Wed Jan 11 06:09:19 EST 2012

On 10 Jan 2012, at 18:09 , Herbert Schulz wrote:

> On Jan 10, 2012, at 5:01 PM, LuKreme wrote:
>> On 10 Jan 2012, at 15:15 , Herbert Schulz wrote:
>>> The regular find will not look inside /usr
>> Of course it will, you simply have to tell it to.
>> <http://www.macworld.com/article/60711/2007/10/spotsyssearch.html>
>> 1. Produce a Searching window by typing Command-F while in the Finder.
>> 2. Choose Other from the Kind pop-up menu.
>> 3. In the sheet that appears, type System in the Search field.
>> 4. Select the single System Files entry that appears.
>> 5. Should you wish to conduct these deep searches in the future and want to make it easier to do (meaning you won’t have to choose Other and look for the System Files entry), enable the In Menu option. System Files will now appear in the pop-up.
>> 6. Click OK.
>> 7. When you next wish to search every part of your Mac, select System Files from the Kind pop-up menu and in the pop-up menu next to it, choose Include. Your results will include not just the kind of Spotlight results you saw with Tiger but now also the files the Mac OS tries to keep from prying eyes.
> Howdy,
> And then choose System every time you want to use it. Yes, it becomes one more step rather than multiple steps but it's still unacceptable; it should just do it.

No, it most certainly should NOT just do it. Can you imagine just how badly people would screw up their systems this way?

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