[OS X TeX] Does {ntheorem} have a bug related to \newshadedtheorem ?

Franck Pastor franck.pastor at skynet.be
Thu Jan 12 09:14:23 EST 2012

Le 12 janv. 2012 à 14:57, Herbert Schulz a écrit :

> Using the auto-pst-pdf package is more than simply loading the package. It provides wrappers (environments or commands) to be put around all pstricks/psfrag/etc. graphics 

I suppose auto-pst-pdf provides wrappers, but then it adds them automatically (hence its name, I guess). Contrary to pdftricks, the user has not to add any other code than the call of auto-pst-pdf, unless his usage is very specific.


Auto-pst-pdf has some constraints of its own, though. For exemple, one has to reset a global \psset command at ech picture.

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