[OS X TeX] Applescript/Texshop/outlines

Stephen Lienhard stephenl at 2bike4.com
Fri Jan 27 11:19:52 EST 2012


I use the LaTeX outlines package extensively. It basically allows one to use \1 \2 \3 \4 at the beginning of a line to indicate the levels of outline.

When I type up my content I never use soft returns so each line is continuous beginning with \1 .. \4.

I would like to develop a way to "promote" or "demote" either the current line or a selection of lines. ie for promoting I would add 1 to \1 to make it \2, etc..

Does anyone have any hints at where to begin to add this functionality to Texshop?

Ideally I would like to invoke a script or command when I am anywhere on the line for a single line.  For a group of lines, I would like to be able to begin highlighting anywhere on a line and end anywhere as well and do this to the line.

Any helps or hints would be appreciated.



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