[OS X TeX] Experience with TeXnicle?

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Sat Jan 28 14:19:31 EST 2012

On 29/01/2012, at 5:13, Enrico Franconi <franconi at inf.unibz.it> wrote:

> On 28 Jan 2012, at 16:25, Herbert Schulz wrote:
>> We recently had some discussion about Editor/Front Ends for TeX and enthusastic mention was made of Latexian.
>> I mentioned another Front End that might be something for folks to look at called TeXnicle, <http://www.bobsoft-mac.de/texnicle/texnicle.html>, and wonder if there are folks out there using it and their experience with it.
> Thanks for the pointer; competition is always good.
> I find the user experience in TeXnicle quite crude, lacking the elegance and the focus on tasks and the effectiveness of Latexian.
> No live preview (but a "LaTeX" button), logs running in front of your eyes,

I like the log running in front of my eyes. 
And using the insert field to interactively fix small edits.
This has always been an important, but under-used feature of TeX,
from even before GUIs were invented.

Maybe I'm just showing my age.

> non intuitive management of projects, no error handling, etc etc.
> cheers
> --e.



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