[OS X TeX] Experience with TeXnicle?

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Sun Jan 29 03:06:06 EST 2012

>>> I like the log running in front of my eyes. 
>>> And using the insert field to interactively fix small edits.
>>> This has always been an important, but under-used feature of TeX,
>>> from even before GUIs were invented.
>>> Maybe I'm just showing my age.
>> Ha! That's why I like to watch TeXShop's Console window while typesetting. I'm pretty old! :-)
> Come on, dudes!
> Having a red exclamation point in the left gutter on each line with a LaTeX error, which then is explained by hovering the mouse over it is too cool! Perhaps *I*'m showing my age :-)

Yes, it is cool; but it also misses my point.
Some errors do not allow a TeX run to finish cleanly,
yet they can be fixed interactively at the point at which they occur.

That is what the interactive input line is for.
It has been there since TeX runs in a terminal, and is still very useful even in the era of GUIs.
If you do not have the .log or Console running in front of you, then you cannot take advantage of this very, very, very useful feature.

> Since the latexing is happening continuously under the hood with a live preview, the only part of the log you need are the errors, which are appropriately shown in place, where you can the find the way to fix them.

That depends at what level you are programming or debugging.

> --e.

Hope this helps,


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