[OS X TeX] Compatibility of Lion and Snow Leopard file structures ?

Josep Maria Font jmfont at ub.edu
Mon Jan 30 13:25:41 EST 2012


I have received a new computer, with Lion installed, and I want to migrate my ordinary user to it. But I have (almost all) my files in sync with two other machines through Dropbox, to my entire satisfaction till now (after overcoming initial problems with file encoding, but this is another issue), and these other machines are still using Snow Leopard (last version).

I have read about the new "document model" in Lion, about how TeXShop takes advantage of it, about saving versions, etc., and I am concerned about what will happen when moving the files through Dropbox between the Lion machine and the Snow Leopard ones. Does Snow Leopard understand Lion's document model ? Should I expect conflicts, missing versions of a file, etc.? Will the "hidden" Lion old versions of a file be invisible to Snow Leopard ? Should I wait until I am able to upgrade the two older machines to Lion ?

Are there any experiences out there of this very situation ? I will shortly begin googling about this, but I would like to hear specifically from the TeX world. I will be grateful for any tip or advice. 



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