[OS X TeX] Compatibility of Lion and Snow Leopard file structures ?

Christopher Menzel cmenzel at tamu.edu
Tue Jan 31 10:40:06 EST 2012

Am Jan 31, 2012 um 4:19 PM schrieb George Gratzer:
> ...My Dropbox also contains the 1Password data file and the Yojimbo data file.

I am probably more paranoid than most, but the fact that Dropbox possesses the encryption keys to your data is one reason why I use (the oddly named) SpiderOak. Its more secure architecture and its long-term, incremental versioning make it a bit slower to update than Dropbox, which is amazingly fast, but changes still typically propagate within 30 seconds or so. (It's also less expensive per GB and .edu users get a 50% discount, FWIW.)


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