[OS X TeX] Malayalam and other Indian languages on Mac

Jonathan jonathan at jfkew.plus.com
Mon Jul 2 04:55:02 EDT 2012

On 02.07.2012 01:12, NMPOST7 wrote:
> On 02/07/2012 01:16, David Watson wrote:
>> As a followup, I can verify that the package I downloaded and the 
>> package at Sarovar are essentially the same,
> although the source code is missing from the Sarovar link.
>> The "mm" executable generated by compiling the source takes the same 
>> options as the ones presented to "mlym"
> by the script named "mal".
>> If you want this to work correctly, then you are going to have to 
>> take some steps to edit the "mal" script to
> use "mm" instead of "mlym".
> I shall have a look at CTAN so that  I can get the source file and
> proceed from
> there.
>> In addition, there are many installation details which will need to 
>> be modified in the "install.sh" script to
> make sure that the installation process gets along well with MacOSX 
> TeX.
>> These are beyond the scope of what I am prepared to do for you, but 
>> I assure you that someone else
> on this list could put together an installation package for you. I
> unfortunately
> have to rely on their
> expertise and generosity to assist you further, as I am working on my
> dissertation at the moment.
> Thank you for the valuable help so far. I am sure, there will be 
> someone who
> could help me out with the rest. I wish you all the best with your 
> work

An alternative approach would be to use an OpenType Malayalam font with 
xelatex, avoiding any need for a special preprocessor.


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