[OS X TeX] Minion Pro questions

Richard Seguin riseguin at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 8 00:17:27 EDT 2012

On Jul 6, 2012, at 11:29 PM, Michael Sharpe wrote:

> On Jul 6, 2012, at 9:09 PM, Richard Seguin wrote:
>> (1) - The MinionPro package automatically defines a fraktur font, and there is no option to turn this on or off. So, if I load the mathalpha package after MinionPro and attempt to select a fraktur font with it, I get the error message "Command `\mathfrak' already defined." It would be nice to use the scaling capacity of mathalpha.
>> However, according to the MinionPro style file, it appears (read: I think) that MinionPro does not define a fraktur font if one is already defined. The problem is that if I move the mathalpha package before the MinionPro package, I get the error message 
>> Use of \reserved at a doesn't match its definition.
>> \reserved at b ->\relax 
>>                    \ifmmode \else \non at alpherr \mathbb  \fi \use at mathgroup>> 
>> whether or not I tell mathalpha to select a fraktur font. Is there any way around this?
>> (2) - Does it make any difference at all in which order I load the microtype and MinionPro packages?
> (1) I'm not seeing this problem. The file
> \documentclass[11pt]{amsart}
> %SetFonts
> % MinionPro+myriad
> \renewcommand{\ttdefault}{lmtt}
> \usepackage[scaled=.92,sf]{myriad}
> \usepackage{MinionPro}
> \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}
> \usepackage{textcomp}
> \usepackage[frak=boondox]{mathalfa}
> %SetFonts
> \begin{document}
> \[y=\mathfrak{F}\]
> \end{document}  
> runs for me without errors, and uses boondox as fraktur. More input needed.
> (2) ?


After some experimentation, I've determined that the problem on my end is that I'm using the memoir document class rather than amsart. Change amsart to memoir in your example, and you'll get the "Command `\mathfrak' already defined." message. I can't find any hint in the memoir manual that memoir automatically defines the fraktur font, but apparently it does. Why it does this is baffling. I wonder if there is any way of disabling this. Changing memoir to amsart is not an option.

Oops, I just noticed that in your example, if I invoke the mathalfa package before the MinionPro package, it does work with the memoir package. If I do the same in my own document though, I then run into another weird problem:

./BetaT2.tex:329: Use of \reserved at a doesn't match its definition.
\reserved at b ->\relax 
                     \ifmmode \else \non at alpherr \mathbb  \fi \use at mathgroup...
l.329 ...action of $T$ on some member of $\lattice
                                                  $ which is homeomorphic to…

In my document \lattice is the macro \newcommand{\lattice}{\mathbb{P}}, and I use \usepackage[scr=bickham,scrscaled=1.05,bb=pazo,bbscaled=1.025,frak=boondox]{mathalfa}. I don't know how blackboard bold can get mixed up with this. I can't duplicate this with your small example, so there is something else going on (package conflict?) that may require a lot of experimentation to detect. 

I had to comment-out the \usepackage[scaled=.92,sf]{myriad} in your example. Is this package part of TeXLive? My distribution is completely up to date but I don't seem to have that package. I would be interested in using Myriad if I had a package for it!


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