[OS X TeX] TexLive 2012 luatex test

Roland Thiers roland.thiers at canl.nc
Thu Jul 12 04:12:51 EDT 2012

I have installed with success MacTeX on my Macbook (Léopard).
After that, following the TeX Live Guide , I tried some testing.
Every test succeeded, included > xetex opentype-info.tex, except
one of them : >luatex opentype-info.tex.
I got this message :

This is LuaTeX, Version beta-0.70.2-2012062819 (TeX Live 2012)
  restricted \write18 enabled.
! Font \testfont=Latin Modern Roman/ICU at 12pt not loadable: metric  
data not found or bad.

So, I followed the advice (see section 3.4.4) and I copied the texlive- 
fontconfig.conf file to
~/.fonts.conf and run fc-cache -fv.

But no change. I guess I misunderstood some thing !
Thanks for your help. However it's not crucial for me, I use pdftex  
  and everything works perfectly , olds as news documents. I am just  
curious about luatex.

Many thanks to all the contributors to TexLive and MacteX who do a  
superb job
and also to all guys who ask and answer on this list !

Roland Thiers

Lycee du Grand Noumea

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