[OS X TeX] %!TEX TS-programm = pdflatex does not work in texshop

Doris Behrendt doris.behrendt at me.com
Sun Jul 22 02:53:25 EDT 2012

hi list,

my typesetting preferences of texshop are >>TeX and DVI<<; sometimes, however, I want to use pdflatex; but a tex-source containing

%!TEX TS-programm = pdflatex

at the beginning

is NOT typeset with pdflatex, the default is not changed by texshop;

and, by the way, I also just found out, that I cannot copy and paste from the console window of texshop???? is this true or am I too confused to find out how?

I use: texshop version 2.43, configured for external editor (vi) and the preferences >>TeX and DVI<< mentioned above;
also I'm on 10.7.4 and texlive 2011;

thanx in advance for your help;-)


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