[OS X TeX] Multiple tex file search

Tomas Jonsson tomas-jonsson at bredband.net
Fri Jun 1 05:26:04 EDT 2012

Hi, I have a question about multiple file search. 

My favourite tex editor used to be AlphaX, but since I started to use Biber/Biblatex I write utf-8 encoded texts and AlphaX doesn't support that yet. Anyway, AlphaX has a very useful feature of multiple file search that's very convenient, if you use a root tex file with a subset of included tex files. In AlphaX it's possible to define a "Fileset" that takes care of which files that are included in the root file. That way it's possible to search all the included files as one and AlphaX opens the actual file when doing a search and find. You can also do a multiple file search and replace.

Is it possible to recreate this feature in TeXShop?

Best Regards

Tomas Jonsson

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