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Nicolae Garleanu garleanu at haas.berkeley.edu
Sun Jun 3 01:51:56 EDT 2012

Hello again,

Whenever I want to save a copy of a .tex file under a different name, TexShop by default wants to (1) do it in the last folder I saved a file in, and (2) save the file as a plain text document, rather than the .tex extension I started out with. Are there settings that can be set to have as default (1) the folder of the file currently open, and (2) the old extension? I don't know whether the (cumbersome, in my view) need to first duplicate, then save plays a role with the first of these difficulties.

On a general note, when I want to do something on TexShop (on a Mac more generally), and a dialog box opens with several choices, is there a fool proof to navigate to the desired choice and select it without using the mouse. For instance, whenever I use the ``save as'' command, I don't know how to select anything but the default without using the mouse.

Thank you.
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