[OS X TeX] texshop: save as

Paul McCann pmccann at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 05:07:45 EDT 2012

Nicolae Garleanu asked...

> On a general note, when I want to do something on TexShop (on a Mac more
> generally), and a dialog box opens with several choices, is there a fool
> proof to navigate to the desired choice and select it without using the
> mouse. For instance, whenever I use the ``save as'' command, I don't know
> how to select anything but the default without using the mouse.

A couple of things pop out here: the easiest, and possibly the most
helpful, is that hitting the escape key cancels a dialog box.

If you like navigating without the mouse you can enable keyboard
control of all interface elements via

System Preferences => Keyboard Shortcuts => (click the "All controls"
radio button)

For something like the "Save As..." dialog, where the "Save" button
has focus, you can just hit shift-tab to go "backwards" through the
other buttons, and tab to move forwards through all of the interface
elements in the dialog. (Using tab starts at the top element, as the
"Save" button is the last element in the dialog, and this operation


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