[OS X TeX] texshop: save as

Nestor E. Aguilera nestoreaguilera at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 18:52:00 EDT 2012

On 3 Jun 2012, at 18:15, Nicolae Garleanu wrote:

> Thank you, Paul. I already have the "All controls" checked, as you advise.
> One feature that I find helpful -- although slightly more cumbersome than
> in Windows (I know), and which does not work in all programs -- is "Move
> focus to menu bar". With respect to cycling through options, what happens
> is that different choices do become highlighted as I use the tab key -- in
> the sense that the edge of the button becomes blue -- but the default one
> is still the one that is solid blue, and which is executed when I press
> Enter. Perhaps I should press a different key than Enter in order to
> execute?
> Nicolae

Have you tried spacebar?

Hope it helps.


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