[OS X TeX] texshop icon

Vamos, Peter P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk
Mon Jun 4 10:08:50 EDT 2012

OK here is a workaround without using terminal or indeed knowing anything about extended attributes. Assuming that you are plagued by the behaviour I described in my first posting in this thread even after you rebuilt the launch database etc *and* are sufficiently bothered by this (I am not sure that I am, i was just intrigued by this) then you can do the following.

Suppose that you have an Iconless folder F and an Iconic folder T(emplate). The idea is that the Duplicate command preserves extended attributes. So do
1) Duplicate folder T to get  Td and delete the content of Td;
2) move content of folder F into folder Td;
3) delete folder F;
4) move folder Td to where folder F was and rename folder Td to the name of folder F.

You could do step 1) to create an empty Iconic folder and duplicate this every time you want a new Iconic  folder for TS files. Applescript anyone?
Until Dick comes up with something better this will do for perfectionists I suppose.


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