[OS X TeX] trouble with bold in fouriernc

Leo Alonso leo.alonso at usc.es
Fri Jun 8 04:18:40 EDT 2012

Hi all.

	I am using the "fouriernc" package on a mac with Lion, TeXLive 2011, TeXShop, and everything up to date. I am having trouble to get a \Gamma symbol in bold. \mathbf{}, or \mathsymbol{} do not work. I've tried to add a line


and also tried the package "bm". The only thing that works is \pbm{} with dreadful results.

According to:


the bold uppercase gamma is included, and in fact, everything works fine when I remove fouriernc. Do any of you have some suggestion? 

Thnx. in advance,

Leo Alonso

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