[OS X TeX] macos portuguese

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Thu Jun 14 10:04:18 EDT 2012


Are you using the Portuguese keyboard? Did you activate
Apple's System Preferences, go to the Language & Text Panel,
go to Input Sources, and select a Portuguese keyboard?

I ask because internally TeXShop uses Apple's Cocoa TextEdit
framework. Thus if you get these symbols in other Mac programs,
you should also get them in TeXShop. 

For example, if you switch to Arabic, then TeXShop will show Arabic,
which will be entered from right to left. If you switch to Chinese, … Etc.

Problems with TeX usually occur further down the chain. The next
step is to make sure TeXShop is loading and saving in UTF-8. Select
this in TeXShop preferences. 

Once this is done, TeXShop is not directly involved and the key
issue is getting TeX to recognize these symbols.
I leave that to others. Note that you can use XeTeX if all else fails,
since it definitely understands UTF-8 and can use arbitrary Mac fonts.

Dick Koch
koch at math.oregon.edu

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