[OS X TeX] using MinionPro

Herbert Schulz herbs at wideopenwest.com
Sat Jun 16 11:58:38 EDT 2012

On Jun 16, 2012, at 10:45 AM, Murray Eisenberg wrote:

> I'm getting "gsftopk: fatal: map file `psfonts.map' not found" error when I try to typeset with MinionPro fonts in the following minimal test document:
>  \documentclass{article}
>  \usepackage{MinionPro}
>  \begin{document}
>  Hello, Minion Pro!
>  \end{document}
> To prepare, I followed the procedure in the MinionPro README file at CTAN (e.g.: http://ctan.gladstone-tech.com/fonts/minionpro/README). This includes copying the existing .otf files into a temporary directory and using the convert.sh script to produce the Type1 fonts (with lcdf doing the work). The conversion did give some warning messages about alternate ways of creating some curves, but did proceed to complete the conversion.
> Still following the README instructions, I moved these into a fonts/type1/adobe/MinionPro subfolder of my local texmf -- which is:
>  ~/Library/texmf
> I moved the rest of the relevant files -- tfm's, vf's, enc's, and MinionPro.map -- into the appropriate locations in ~/Library/texmf/fonts.
> I appended to ~/Library/texmf/web2c/updmap.cfg the line:
>  Map MinionPro.map #localtexmf/dvips/MinionPro/MinionPro.map


I assume you are using MacTeX-2012 pretest since earlier versions of TeX Live didn't accept multiple updmap.cfg files.

Remove that ``comment'' --- I was mistaken.

> And of course I executed:
>  sudo mktexlsr
>  sudo updmap-sys

Well, you must use updmap instead of updmap-sys if you are using TeX Live 2012 installed via the MacTeX-2012 pretest.

You are caught in a catch-22. You must use TeX Live 2012 pretest if you want to use a updmap.cfg file in ~/Library/texmf/web2c. And using TeX Live 2012 pretest also means you must use updmap rather than updmap-sys to include the map file. Also note that while you use 

sudo updmap-sys

because that writes to folders that are owned by root you need to use


for personal fonts.

For TeX Live 2011 or earlier you should run

sudo updmap-sys --enable Map=Minionpro.map

which will then include the Minionpro.map file in the system level map.

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest dot com)

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