[OS X TeX] problem with hyperref and file permissions

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri May 11 09:06:54 EDT 2012

Am 11.05.2012 um 14:11 schrieb Herbert Schulz:

> But who owns the file (owner & group)? If the second user doesn't own the files and they have permission rw-r--r-- they can't even read them.

No, Herb, you're wrong here: the permission to read is given to all. All I can assume is that copying the files from that shared place could have failed. But then I don't see in the files listed any "private" file mentioned! Only (./mini.aux), (./mini.out), (./mini.nav), and mini.pdf (1 page, 18264 bytes).

I think the error can also be that the so-called "linked files" are symbolic or sym-links which once pointed to the proper files now, after copying, point into nirvana. Another possible cause can be that ACLs (symbolised by the "@") could have prevented copying of files. Proof that all files have been copied and that all "linked files" are OK!

Finally the construct


All it guarantees is that some object is linked in into the PDF file. It then depends on the PDF programme what it allows to perform. Maybe TeX Shop's PDF viewer does not allow actions... How are Adobe products, Skim, xpdf, gv, etc. behaving? How is your mini example behaving when you use a target file for the link that is really usable, i.e., something from the Internet or something that was provenly produced by the account you are using?

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