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David Watson dewatson at me.com
Fri May 11 16:18:27 EDT 2012

I am forwarding Johannes response:

>> (iii) at the moment, there is no Opentype math font that matches MinionPro well enough for professional work---they are usually too heavy or too light;
> MinionMath doesn't match? I'll cc: Johannes Kuester on this to see if he agrees.

Of course I do not agree. Minion Math matches Minion Pro exactly, for each of Minion Pro's 4 weights and each of its 4 optical sizes (and it provides an additional size "Tiny").

Minion Math matches exactly because it is directly based on Minion Pro, taking the original outlines as starting point (by agreement with Adobe).

Also Minion Math takes care of and solves all the issues (at least all issues that I'm aware of) with problematic characters for math, especially the "v-w-nu" problem. And it has more difference between y and gamma in its (special, wider) Math Italic than original Minion Pro Italic, etc.

If anyone is aware of problematic characters: I'm always interested to hear about such problems, and I'll see to solve them in the fonts. Also I'm always interested to hear about missing symbols or additional symbols or variants, and I'll see whether I can add them to the fonts.

Of course Minion Math is an OpenType font, equipped with an OpenType MATH table.

Minion Math's 20 fonts are too much for most typesetting tasks; often even just a single font might do; in most cases 4 or 6 fonts are sufficient (3 sizes of Regular and 1 or 3 sizes of Bold).

Also the weights Regular and Medium are rather close to each other, so I do not recommend to use them alongside in the same document – these just offer a choice for the basic font weight, depending on typesetting conditions etc.

But my aim was to get rid of typographic constraints as far as possible, and to offer more typographic possibilities, therefore I followed Minion Pro's weights and sizes.

Best regards,

Johannes Kuester
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