[OS X TeX] Tufte glossary

Emily McClure mcclur51 at msu.edu
Thu May 17 17:00:00 EDT 2012

I am attempting to write a lab manual using the tufte-book class. In the 
preamble, I have included:

\newacronym{RT}{RT}{room temperature}

In the main matter, the glossaries package seems to work fine: it 
defines the acronym at the site of first use, then uses the short form 
in future references. However, the .glo file produced from running LaTeX 
and MakeIndex (TexShop) is completely empty and no glossary appears in 
the back matter with the "\printglossary" command. Digging through the 
error console, I find:

pdfTeX warning (dest): name{glo:RT} has been referenced but does not 
exist, replaced by a fixed one

Funny, seeing as it defined RT just fine in text i.e. "Let containers 
cool to room temperature (RT) before securely attaching caps or sealing. 
Let hazardous waste cool to RT before placing in secondary hazardous 
waste collection container."

So what's going on? Is this a bug with the Tufte package or am I 
overlooking something?


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