[OS X TeX] TeXShop label completion.

Michael Welsh yomcat at yomcat.geek.nz
Tue May 29 20:59:46 EDT 2012

The label completion is TeXShop doesn't play nice with the subfig package.

In it, I use \subref*{label} to get the label I want, and label completion doesn't work, I just get the OS X "here's some weird dictionary that doesn't include the word you want" thing.

Also, sometimes (I'm not entirely sure when), when I press esc, instead of the labels being shown, I get to ``tab'' through a list of environments. I have a feeling it has something to do with one character only in the currently used label, say \ref{c<esc> and it does "center" instead of a nice list of labels starting with c.

And my labels say "(BibDesk)" even when they're internal references.

Oh, I'm using 3.10 with TL2012-pretest.

I think that's all. :)


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