[OS X TeX] Annoying TeXShop interaction with versions and duplicate: checking the root file all the time

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 12:23:13 EDT 2012


I am using the latest version of TeXShop in Mountain Lion. I have been using TeXShop for over 10 years now and it is a great software. I have come across the problem below, which I believe should be rectified if possible (and I am hoping it may not be too hard to). 

I am writing a text without *lots* of pstricks illustrations in it. In order to keep the text clean, I'm writing the pstricks code in separate files and \input-ting them at the desired location. I also entered the usual 
  %!TEX root = maintext.tex
line atop each figure. 

The problem is that TeXShop is warning me that the root file does not exist, in places where this (albeit technically true) is becoming a nuisance:
1) Many pictures are similar, so I often use one as the starting point for another. If i use the Duplicate command, TeXShop complains that the root file does not exist (I know that it doesn't, as the duplicate exists in some limbo temporary directory until it is explicitly saved)
Of course this does not happen with Save as..., since I save them all in the same folder. I do tend to use Save as, but this lead
me to the second situation:

2) I accidentally started making changes before I Saved as... with another name. No problem, I thought. Just do a "Save as" now to keep the new file, and then Open Recent... and use versions to recover the right version of the old file. BUT... for every version, TeXShop complains that the root file does not exist (again, because these versions reside in some obscure place that does not have a copy of the main text, I know). It makes navigating the "mini Time Machine" environment VERY annoying. 

I believe it is helpful in general when I open a file and, say, the root file name is misspelled, or it sits in a different directory. But there is no point in doing that verification every single time when in versions, or a duplicate that has yet to be saved anywhere.
I think this verification should not be made in those cases. 

Luis Sequeira

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