[OS X TeX] poetry packages

Axel Kielhorn tex at axelkielhorn.de
Wed Aug 21 11:46:26 EDT 2013

Am 21.08.2013 um 08:21 schrieb Scot Mcphee:

> I am looking for fairly easy to use poetry package. Anyone know of any? Especially one that that can print line numbers of the poem. I've tried verse and poetrytex but both are inadequate. The verse environment is too simple and poetry has a lot of options for a whole lot of stuff I don't need and nothing around those I do.

Have a look at listings.
It handles long lines and provides line numbers.

4.8	Line numbers
formfeed=⟨tokens ⟩

makes the package either print no line numbers, or put them on the left or
the right side of a listing.

stepnumber=⟨number ⟩	1

All lines with “line number ≡ 0 modulo ⟨number⟩” get a line number. If you turn line numbers on and off with numbers, the parameter stepnumber will keep its value. Alternatively you can turn them off via stepnumber=0 and on with a nonzero number, and keep the value of numbers.

breaklines=⟨true|false⟩	or	breaklines activates or deactivates automatic line breaking of long lines.
breakatwhitespace=⟨true|false⟩	or	breakatwhitespace If true, it allows line breaks only at white space.

prebreak=⟨tokens ⟩	{} 
postbreak=⟨tokens ⟩	{}

⟨tokens⟩ appear at the end of the current line respectively at the beginning of the next (broken part of the) line.
You must not use dynamic space (in particular spaces) since internally we use \discretionary. However \space is redefined to be used inside ⟨tokens⟩.
breakindent=⟨dimension ⟩	20pt is the indention of the second, third, . . . line of broken lines.


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