[OS X TeX] Is there an easy / elegant way to access Pandoc via a GUI in TeXshop (or Mac OS X)?

Axel Kielhorn tex at axelkielhorn.de
Fri May 10 14:21:50 EDT 2013

Am 10.05.2013 um 19:07 schrieb William Adams:

> I've been doing a lot of work on the ShapeOko wiki, and am about to start in on the printed (pdf) assembly instructions using Scribus, so getting from Mediawiki to something Scribus will import seems the hot ticket --- but this brought pandoc's LaTeX support to mind --- has anyone ever thought of using pandoc to allow conversion when opening documents?
> Or is there some other elegant way to access this? (Services?)

When you look into ~/Library/TeXShop/Engines/Inactive
you will find a `pandoc` folder with two example engines.

(You may have to move the Engine folder out of ~/Library/TeXShop and restart TeXShop to get the updated files.)

markdown2pdf is no longer supported by current versions of pandoc, it uses -t pdf instead.

I'm using:

    set path= ($path /usr/texbin /usr/local/bin $HOME/.cabal/bin)
    pandoc --template=./default.latex "$1" -o "`basename '$1' .md`".pdf

right now.

You can specify a `--latex-engine=xelatex|lualatex` instead.


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