[OS X TeX] Spotlight

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Mon May 20 00:41:33 EDT 2013

On May 19, 2013, at 21:32, George Gratzer <gratzer at me.com> wrote:

> (Debug) Import: file:/2TB/Math/Math articles/241-250/246. Extension theorem/extension.tex plugin:file://localhost/System/Library/Spotlight/RichText.mdimporter/ /System/Library/Spotlight/RichText.mdimporter
> (Info) Import: Plaintext import *** FAILED ***
> 2013-05-20 00:29:59.708 mdimport[68411:707] Imported '/2TB/Math/Math articles/241-250/246. Extension theorem/extension.tex' of type 'edu.uo.texshop.tex' with plugIn /System/Library/Spotlight/RichText.mdimporter.

Spotlight is trying to import with the system's text import plugin. That should give you full text indexing. Do you use a particular encoding, such as UTF8 or MacRoman?

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