[OS X TeX] hyperref package in thesis

Bridget Kane kaneb at tcd.ie
Thu May 23 20:51:17 EDT 2013


I've been having problems with the hyperref package in a thesis template. 

I label words and use \href to link back to them (internal in the document).  

I can compile OK - I use Tex + dvi

I've also tried with Pdftex and it doesn't make any difference.

The problem is that the link doesn't work.  When I hover the mouse over the word with the \href, it shadows and points as if there is a link, but nothing happens on clicking.

My version of Texshop  is 3.16 and I'm using Mac OSX 10.7.5 on my Mac Book Pro (tried also on an iMac)

Any help of ideas would be appreciated.



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