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Nicolae Garleanu garleanu at haas.berkeley.edu
Mon Sep 16 18:33:37 EDT 2013

Thanks to all who replied. While I had one particular question I mind,
there were actually two in my posting, as follows.

1) How not to have --- be replaced with an em-dash in the source? This was
solved by unchecking smart dashes in

	Edit -> Substitutions -> Show Substitutions

The solution is gratefully acknowledged.

2) Supposing one does have an em-dash in the source, can that translate
into an em-dash in the output? Not in my set-up. For instance, a minimal
example would be as attached (if possible), and pasted below. Output as
expected given my original posting, i.e., first dash becomes a blank
space. I am just running pdflatex in the standard installation.

ad ‹ asdas --- as asd


On 9/16/13 2:40 AM, "Peter Dyballa" <Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE> wrote:

>Am 16.09.2013 um 05:53 schrieb Nicolae Garleanu:
>> My question is how I can ensure I get the long dash in the output.
>Are you using an \usepackage[Š]{inputenc}? Which one? Is TeXShop using
>the same encoding? Are you also using an \usepackage[Š]{fontenc}? Which
>A minimal example could be fineŠ to explain why the emdash vanishes. I
>think since Snow Leopard the System Preferences allow to set up
>substitutions from --- to ‹ or Š to Š etc. I think this can be switched
>off in TeXShop:
>	Edit -> Substitutions -> Show Substitutions
>  Pete
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