[OS X TeX] Personal dictionaris in CocoAspell

Don Green Dragon fergdc at Shaw.ca
Wed Oct 15 20:18:09 EDT 2014

Hi Herb,

See at end please.

>>> You can add more items to the list of commands understood by CocoAspell although I don't understand why \emph isn't recognized. Open System Preferences->Spelling->Filters->TeX/LaTeX to see the list of special commands. To add a command to the list click on the + and go to the bottom of the list to see a command called unknown. Double click the unknown and enter, e.g., emph (note: without \, the backslash). Then click on the braces on the right side to activate the argument setup. A set of [] or {} symbolize an optional or regular argument that shouldn't be spell checked while [√] or {√} are optional or regular arguments that should be spell checked. In the case of emph the regular argument should be spell checked. To enter a √ you press Opt-V (note: if that doesn't work let me know) so you should have {√} on the right hand side.
>> I tried the above with `tikzpicture’. I ended up with the entry
>> tikzpicture {√}
>> quit TeXShop and then reopened it. On entering 
>> \begin{tikzpicture}
>> \end{tikzpicture}
>> the red underlining appeared! Although
>> System Preferences -> Spelling -> Filters -> TeX/LaTeX 
>> shows a large number of entries, e.g., «geometry {}» almost all have no checkmarks √ included which makes sense. At least I understand now why \parbox is governed by
>> parbox[][][]{}{√}
>> After some experimentation with TeXShop’s «Edit->Show Spelling and Grammar» it is easy to  add weird strings like «tikz» to Aspell's vocabulary. However, it is not clear if it is worth the bother. 

> Howdy,
> Adding tikzpicture to the list of commands (that's what that filter list is all about) means it won't mark \tikzpicture and has nothing to do with the tikzpicture environment name.
> However, the list of Filters for TeX/LaTeX should have begin{}[] and \end{} and should therefore skip over the arguments of the \begin and \end commands. So I don't know why that isn't happening on your system unless begin{}[] and end{} aren't on your list of Filters.

Both begin{}[] and end{}  are on the list of Filters.

With respect to tikzpicture, I originally had the entry


among the TeX/LaTeX commands, but on changing the above to 


the marking of «tikzpicture» as a spelling error has disappeared. This is consistent with your explanation, as I understand it.

don green dragon
fergdc at shaw.ca

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