[OS X TeX] Just Curious...

Themis Matsoukas tmatsoukas at icloud.com
Thu Oct 30 13:50:11 EDT 2014

> On Oct 30, 2014, at 1:10 PM, Christopher Menzel <cmenzel at tamu.edu> wrote:
> Mail.app seems always to be the weakest and most problematic of the bundled OS X apps. 

and also preview.app, in my opinion. It was very bad in Mavericks, and still problematic in Yosemite. 

> I've been using Postbox for months now and I've found it superior in pretty much every way.

Interesting, I’ll take a look.

> FWIW, re Herb's question, I've been using Yosemite since the first beta on a mid-2012 rMBP with virtually no problems. I think it's a terrific upgrade. And also in my entirely subjective opinion, I don't have an iPhone so have no firm opinion about iOS but I think Yosemite's new look is really nice and I'm really glad to see OS X finally purged completely of the influence of Aqua.

My work computers are on Yosemite, my mac mini at home still on Mountain Lion. 


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