[OS X TeX] TeXShop and Skim memory problems

Richard Seguin riseguin at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 21 12:38:32 EST 2015

I’m running the latest 10.11.2 version of OSX, and I’ve noticed that PDFKit still seems to have a serious memory leak problem. This seems to be a serious problem that has not yet been fixed. Has anyone reported this to Apple?

Test case: a 185 page, 1.5 MB PDF file on an old MBP with 4 GB of RAM. 

If I open this document in Skim or in TeXShop, and page through the document one page at a time, memory usage grows to at least 800 MB. If I close the document, memory usage does not drop at all, according to Activity Monitor. Then, if I reopen the document, and page through the document again, memory usage grows continues to grow beyond the 800 MB at the same speed as before, and quickly goes beyond 1 GB. The memory usage never returns to the initial low state until I quit the program and bring it back up again. Also, typesetting and refreshing the PDF display does not reset memory usage.

Richard Séguin

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