[OS X TeX] Cassiopeia for MacOSX Yosemite

Andreas Höschler ahoesch at advanced-science.com
Wed Jan 21 19:00:20 EST 2015

Hi all,

Cassiopeia 1.4.0 has been released today (first version thoroughly tested and confirmed to run on Yosemite)!

	http://www.advanced-science.com/downloads/CassiopeiaScreenShot.png <http://www.advanced-science.com/downloads/CassiopeiaScreenShot.png>
	http://www.advanced-science.com/ProductsCassiopeia.html <http://www.advanced-science.com/ProductsCassiopeia.html>

I realise that hard core TeXis having already memorised all the LaTeX tags have a hard time to even consider using a keystroke and MathML Content Markup based WYSIWYG system like Cassiopeia but who knows … May be the integrated

• document management system (multi user)
• 2D plotting engine
• symbolic algebra system (sort of) 
• simulation engine

 is of interest to one or the other here anyway! The following page 

	http://www.advanced-science.com/ElectricalOscillationWithExternalExcitation.html <http://www.advanced-science.com/ElectricalOscillationWithExternalExcitation.html>

is a one click export of a Cassiopeia document, so is the PDF (LaTeX automatically generated and compiled) below:

	http://www.advanced-science.com/publications/ElectricalOscillationWithExternalExcitation.pdf <http://www.advanced-science.com/publications/ElectricalOscillationWithExternalExcitation.pdf>

If you have not yet tried the new iMac with RetinaDisplay I strongly recommend to do so. Working on that machine is a blast! It tripled my efficiency! :-)

All the best,

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