[OS X TeX] TS opens multiple copies of same root and PDF

Themis Matsoukas tmatsoukas at icloud.com
Fri Apr 22 06:57:30 EDT 2016

TS (3.61) seems to open multiple copies of the same file. I’m working with a root file that calls six chapters by \includefile. Each chapter is connected to the root file by a %!TEX root command. All source files are in the same folder. I select in the finder all the source files and double-click to open them simultaneously. TS opens all the source files plus *two* copies of the PDF. The second copy is  opened if I have selected a chapter and the root file. If I select only the root file or only chapters, TS opens only one PDF. This happened reproducibly.  

I was then able to open a second copy of the source file (screenshot): with all source files selected in the finder, I double-clicked on the source file, which caused TS to open a second copy. This doesn’t happen when I double-click on a chapter.

Given that I use root files a lot, it surprises me that I only noticed this now.


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