[OS X TeX] crossings in pst node

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 09:13:22 EDT 2016

> In trying to create braid diagrams, I would like (in an automatic way) to create crossings which go ?over? other crossings.  That is, something like the \rput* option, that is, an \ncline{A}{B} which, if it crosses an earlier \ncline{C}{D}, dominates it, in the sense that there is a slight space around \ncline{A}{B} so that \ncline{C}{D} ?breaks? at the crossing point.  My first guess, \ncline* , has a totally different effect?the unstarred \ncline becomes totally invisible.
> Is there such an option?  Of course a workaround is to give \ncline{C}{D} linestyle=dashed, but the standard picture is to only have a break near the crossing, otherwise it is simply a straight line.

Use the border parameter in the ncline command, e.g.


See page 25 of the pstricks manual.

Luís Sequeira

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