[OS X TeX] Titlesec weirdness

Frank STENGEL fstengel at mac.com
Sun Mar 20 16:30:03 EDT 2016

Hi all,

Just to see if I am the only one to experience the problem. Today, I updgarded titlesec.sty using TLU and suddenly, no more section labels are printed.

The following snippet:





  {0pt}{3.5ex plus 1ex minus 0.2 ex}{2.3ex plus 0.2ex}


A test to see


Should typeset showing a title line looking like

I This

Since the upgrade, the label is missing. That is I get the title but no ``I’’. Restoring from the backup in TLU brough the label back, but I remain puzzled.

So the question is, am I alone in seeing this ?

Frank STENGEL (fstengel<at>mac.com)

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