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M. Tamer Özsu ozsut at mac.com
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I don’t think this is correct – I have a ton of symlinks defined within the Dropbox folder to folders in my ~/Documents and even ~/Library folders and they work properly. 





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Hi Herb, 

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I think the best thing to do is copy the files into a folder and create symlinks in the Dropbox folder of the source files and graphics, etc., but not the aux, etc,, files on one computer.


Will that actually work? Have you tried it?


If the target of the symlink changes, will that cause an update in the Cloud?

The symlink file itself has not changed on disk — if it is a “soft” link via  ln -s  

—  so what would trigger DropBox to update and broadcast this to other clients?



A simlink  _in_ Dropbox to a file in some other folder won’t work in the intended way. Dropbox (or other cloud services) don’t have a concept of symlink. As soon as it syncs it will actually copy the link’s target. So, if you edit _that_ on a remote machine it will break your link on the one you initially set it up.

If you use a “hard” link — ln   with no option — then I suppose it would 

do the right thing for DropBox, as now the file information does update.


More or less same behavior. It copies the files, so you end up with two separate copies. Check the inodes.



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