[OS X TeX] New MacBook Pro

Vamos, Peter P.Vamos at exeter.ac.uk
Mon Oct 31 07:13:08 EDT 2016

I’ve been waiting for this for some time but now not so sure that I’ll upgrade.(I have MacBook Pro Retina, 13-inch, Late 2012 but only with a 256 GB SSD which I now find is too small.) Here are a couple of (possibly rhetorical) questions.

1) Touch Bar. Is there anyone on this list, apart from Dick of course, who had some experience/knowledge of this? Would TeXShop be able to use it? Would it be any useful for TeXShop? Will Dick give us a default set for this or will it be up to us to customize it? 

2) I am somewhat dismayed by the number of adapters I might need. For example presentation/projection. I currently use the Thunderport 2 -> VGA adapter. It sems that I will need a Thunderport 3/USB-C -> Thunderport 2  adapter anyway so could I just daisychain this with my existing Thunderport 2 -> VGA adapter?

3) Talking of presentations with Keynote. Using an external monitor with my laptop at home Presenter Display works OK, monitor connected via HDMI. I have yet to succed showing Presenter Display on my laptop outside, using my VGA adapter. So I fall back on mirroring. Admittedly I invariably have very little time experimenting with set-up, local hosts/organizers usually very reluctant to allow a Mac anyway.

Any comments, advice etc welcome.


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