[OS X TeX] Fractional symbols

R Martinez rm.tech at mac.com
Thu Sep 1 17:00:02 EDT 2016


I want to write text in my LaTeX document that includes a fraction, e.g., 3 1/2, but I want to replace the three-character 1/2 with the single character ½. As you can see, I can do it using the Mac keyboard with Mac documents such as this email. I tried inserting it in my LaTeX document but it did not typeset correctly.

I am using the STIX font package. I have scoured the zillion STIX characters but cannot find ½ with a LaTeX backslash command. 

The STIX reference document I am using is "The stix package" STI Pub Companies v1.1.1-latex from 2014/07/31. I have attached it to this email. 

The character  ½ appears in the ts1-stixgeneral table on p. 29 of the STIX reference with coordinates

′27x |  ½  | ″Bx

I don’t know how to access this. 

Does anyone know how to insert a fraction in the text?  

Thanks for your help.

Raul Martinez

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