[OS X TeX] Sierra and Command Line

Richard Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Sun Sep 25 12:31:28 EDT 2016


This problem only concerns users who install Sierra on a new disk, rather than updating an existing system to Sierra.

If these users install MacTeX-2016 or BasicTeX-2016, they will discover that they cannot typeset from the command line. To fix this problem, download FixLink from my web site:

	http://pages.uoregon/koch <http://pages.uoregon/koch>

This is a very, very small download package; install the package.

Eventually this fix will be moved to BasicTeX-2016 and MacTeX-2016, but before remaking those packages, I want to make sure this one creates no problems. I certainly tested FixLink on my own machine.

The technical problem is that Sierra does not create the folders /etc/paths.d or /etc/manpaths.d, so our packages have to create them. XQuartz creates the folders as well, so another solution is to install XQuartz before installing BasicTeX or MacTeX.

Dick Koch

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