[OS X TeX] Sierra 10.12.4

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 12:46:46 EDT 2017

>>>> Howdy,
>>>> I don't think illustrations (even eps --- modern pdflatex can convert file.eps->file-eps-converted-to.pdf on the fly) are a problem. It's pstricks that can give the problem when compiling with pdflatex.
>>>> I'm actually intrigued with the (limited?) ability of pstricks use with pdflatex using the [pdf] option as long as you use --shell-escape. You learn something new every day!
>>>> Good Luck,
>>>> Herb Schulz
>>>> (herbs at wideopenwest dot com)

As a long term user and admirer of pstricks, I think it is worth pointing out an excellent option that does not get much publicity here: XeLateX.
It works with beamer and allows to use pdf, jpeg, png graphics in the same document, plus tikz and pstricks. 

I have been using beamer with XeLaTeX and a lot of pstricks figures, and I see no issues.

I think it is time to give XeLaTeX (and, probably, LuaLaTeX) a proper look.

Luís Sequeira

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