[OS X TeX] TeXShop crashes with iCloud

Richard Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Sat Jul 1 20:19:01 EDT 2017


I have had many reports of problems with Dropbox, so George Gratzer’s experience with symlinks is very good news.

Glen Helman’s report is the first time I have heard of problems with iCloud. 

I believe the Dropbox problems are caused by an interaction between the automatic saving code in TeXShop and the synchronization code in Dropbox. The automatic saving code in TeXShop is entirely by Apple except for one line of my code which says “use automatic saving.” Since Apple wrote both iCloud and automatic saving, I wouldn’t expect incompatibilities between the two.

Helman reports that

	a) his problems started in TeX Live 2017 and were not present in TeX Live 2016

	b) Synctex fails for the file which causes crashes.

I’d like to know what typesetting engine is being used with that particular file, because I’ve been dealing today with a user whose case involves a) and b) essentially word for word, but has nothing to do with iCloud. I suspect that Helman’s case is the same and iCloud is a Red Herring. But I don’t want to give more details until I know more from Helman.

Dick Koch
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> On Jul 1, 2017, at 4:56 PM, Glen Helman <helmang at wabash.edu> wrote:
> I’ve started a new thread because this may be an issue different from the problems noted with Dropbox, but I was inspired to note it d because of that discussion.
> I’ve experienced repeated but sporadic (segmentation fault) crashes with TeXShop since using the TeXLive 2017 distribution to process files on iCloud. This has happened with two different machines, one whose Desktop and Documents folders are on (or are mirrored to) iCloud and one where this is not the case although the files I process are on the iCloud drive. The crashes tend to happen at the end of a successful TeX run (although they sometimes happen some time, usually a short time, thereafter). 
> I had used this setup (with the two machines configured as described) for some months without crashes. The crashes began to occur when I started using TeXLive 2017 (initially with the pre-release test version, but now with the version from the MacTeX release). (In case it is relevant, I’ll note that the file where the crashes occur is also one where SyncTeX does not work in either direction.)
> There may be workarounds for this; but, frankly, I’m not interested if that involves not using iCloud for the files. The crashes are a minor annoyance given the convenience for me of the iCloud drive. I note that they are occurring only because it seems that the iCloud software should interact with TeXShop in such a way that segmentation faults do not occur.
> Glen Helman
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