[OS X TeX] installing fonts w/ macports install -- where to put them?

John Owens john_owens at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 2 22:32:33 EDT 2017

Thank you for the kind replies. In answer to why macports's texlive vs. MacTeX? (1) I update macports frequently anyway and so I get updates to texlive when I do (without having to separately update texlive), but more importantly, (2) macports is pretty wedded to its own internal installations and many macports tools I use have TeX dependencies, and it's way way easier to make those internal dependences on macports's texlive rather than a non-macports MacTeX. This is not TeX's problem at all, it's macports's problem. I've spent time trying to fix it but it's a slog of a complete fix, and even if just one macports tool has an explicit dependency on macports-texlive, it installs the whole shebang into macports.

It sounds like the most straightforward thing for me to do is (a) chown /usr/local/texlive to me so I don't have to run as root and (b) change TEXMFLOCAL to point there. That would seem to solve my problems.



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