[OS X TeX] High Sierra Bug

Nicolae Garleanu garleanu at berkeley.edu
Sat Nov 25 13:53:42 EST 2017

I can’t say which upgrade it was that did it for me (probably after yosemite; now I am on Sierra), but the whole tex on mac experience for me became distinctly less pleasant at some point. The compilation times went up considerably (on the same computer, say my old, mid-2013 MBA; my more powerful computers — iMacs — are faster, but I’m inclined to say that they are still surprisingly, if not shockingly, slow). Second, while it used to be the case that the preview file would update with no visible sign (other than the changed content, of course), now the window becomes white first (may be very short), then reloads; Herb referred to this as “flashing". This is particularly noticeable when working on slides, especially when using dynamic features. Both Preview and Skim provide a “hiccupy” transition from page to page, including in full page mode; only Acrobat works as it should, but of course it does not play nice with the editor.

On Nov 23, 2017, at 19:23, Arthur Snoke <snoke at vt.edu> wrote:

I am still on 10.10 (yosemite) and feel it is time to upgrade.  I see that version 13.1 came out last month, but it does not look like it “fixed” bugs of the sort Richard refers too.

My sense is that there are not that many bugs, which if so may be because going from Sierra to High Sierra is probably not a major upgrade.

I would appreciate advice as to when I should upgrade: now or …

Thanks in advance,


On Nov 23, 2017, at 11:00 AM, Richard M. Koch <koch at uoregon.edu> wrote:

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