[OS X TeX] High Sierra Bug

Nicolae Garleanu garleanu at berkeley.edu
Tue Nov 28 13:28:42 EST 2017

Thanks, Luis. Can this app also be used easily to preview the file as you work on it?

On Nov 28, 2017, at 03:25, Luis Sequeira <lfsequeira at gmail.com> wrote:

> Let me try to answer your questions. The first thing, though, is to say that I just caved and upgraded (one computer) to High Sierra. The main consequence is that now it takes a "very long? time ? more than 0.5 seconds, maybe a full second ? for the image to focus when I go (in preview) from one page to another for *slides* (beamer) output. For articles it?s much better ? unless I skip directly to the last or second to last page, for some reason. (When I compile and the viewer is refreshed, it?s also the last two pages that take long to refocus ? at least for the two files I tried.) For slides it?s really bad, including in full-page mode. This is not a tex issue; it is a Preview and Skim (I have the latest version, 1.4.30, btw), but not Acrobat, issue.

The slides issue alas began in Sierra, and is unfortunately worse still in High Sierra.
The bright side is that it lead me to try the very nice Présentation.app. 
I now use it instead of Skim for all my presentations (done in beamer like you).

FWIW, Skim, Preview and TeXShop (using Window->Fullscreen (Old Method)) are all affected by this PDFKit redrawing problem. The author of Présentation acknowledged as much,  and implemented a workaround for it. I am loving the presenter's screen with the clock and next slide to help me manage the presentations :-)


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