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And, I forgot to say, I just found the drawer. When I think of the years of scrolling up and down when editing ....


On , at 2018 Dec 6,4:05 PM, Schremmer Alain wrote:

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>>> On Dec 6, 2018, at 1:49 PM, Schremmer Alain <schremmer.alain at freemathtexts.org> wrote:
>>> The pdfs that I get when compiling with TeXlLive 2013 and TeXShop 2.47 under 10.6.8 do not have the navigation side-panel on the right that the same pdf file has when opened with preview.
>>> I am considering upgrading (with all deliberate speed) and, aside from being able to change highlight colors, one factor would be to have that side-panel. Has any version of TeXShop come that has the pdf with the navigation side-panel?
>>> Regards
>>> --schremmer
>> Howdy,
>> When you say `side panel' do you mean a side panel with miniature page images? That's a feature of Preview, not the PDF file.
>> Are you typesetting the file using the hyperref package? If so recent versions of TeXShop have some nice features for moving to different sections, and back, using the built-in links in the PDF document. Hovering over a link will show a box with some context about where that link points. If you click on the link you will get taken there. then, to go back there are a left/right facing triangle buttons that take to backward/forward to the last viewed page. So clicking on the link in the TOC takes you to that section of the document and pressing the left facing triangle button takes you back to the TOC.
>> In addition, with the use of the hyperref package, there is a side panel on the Preview window that will show the internal structure of the document. Clicking on items there takes you to the that structural item. Again, using the left/right facing arrow buttons will go back/forward to the previous location.
> I am using hyperref with a vengeance. Say you are reading and encounter a word you can't remember exactly the meaning of. In my pdf, just click on it and you will get where it first appeared and, presumably, was explained. And, of course, everything with tocs, chapter tocs, indexes, tcolorboxes, you name it, you can go back to it.
> But, as you may remember, I still use a very old version of TeXShop and am LaTeX, etc challenged.
> Best
> --schremmer
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